Kelly Ernst/
Strategic Designer

How can NASA and the International Space Station create a meaningful relationship with the public consciousness, and in doing so position ourselves in the future of space exploration?

Project Type/ Strategy Design
Objective/ To ensure the future legacy of the International Space Station in the low-earth orbit (LEO) economy
Role/ Strategic Design, Research
Team/ NASA, Parsons School of Design Integrated Studio Team


In the spring of 2021, the International Space Station partnered with the Parsons School of Design to explore novel and imaginative ways to measure the immeasurable— a theme associated with exploring the vastness and opportunity of space.

Through this consultative engagement, Parsons studio team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the overall aerospace industry, messaging and positioning, and branding to hone an initial set of insights and recommendations for the International Space Station.


Informed by extensive design research processes, the Parsons team developed a host of strategies that that helped NASA understand how to better position the International Space Station’s legacy within the LEO economy. The teams concluded that wonder connects our wonder and that it was important to approach different personas. 

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